Re-envisioning Japan

Meiji Fine Art Textiles

A new book


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Re-envisioning Japan:
Meiji Fine Art Textiles

A new book

Re-envisioning Japan: Meiji Fine Art Textiles, edited by John E. Vollmer, is a comprehensive examination of bijutsu senshoku, or fine art Japanese textiles, that generated a flurry of excitement among international markets with their large-scale exquisite designs, innovative techniques and sumptuous artistry between the mid-1870s and the second decade of the twentieth century. Published by 5 Continents Editions, an internationally renowned art book company located in Milan, the publication is an indispensable guide to bijutsu senshoku and the social, political and aesthetic contexts in which they existed. Written for academic audiences and collectors, this lavishly illustrated book is also accessible to lay readers.

This publication was supported by grants awarded from the Rubin-Ladd Foundation and the Cotsen Foundation for Academic Research.

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John E. Vollmer is president of Vollmer Cultural Consultants Inc. specializing in strategic planning and practical program development for not-for-profit public and private sector clients in the fields of museum education, arts and culture in the United States, Canada and Asia. The company is noted for its specialized work with collections of textiles and decorative arts and for developing insightful and accessible museum exhibitions ranging from Chinese textiles to baseball, the fashion designs of Mariano Fortuny to Inuit footwear. Mr. Vollmer is also a noted author and editor.

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