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University of Alberta Museums, Edmonton
Dressed to Rule: 18th Century Court Attire
China Through the Lens of John Thomson and The Mactaggart Art Collection: Beyond the Lens.

Aga Khan Museum, Toronto
The Lost Dhow a 9th century discovery on the Maritime Silk Route

Museum of Sex, New York
Men without Suits
Sex Among the Lotus: 2500 Years of Chinese Erotic Obsession

National Museum, Singapore
Trading: Maritime Silk Routes of Asia

Art Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont
Dragons Dancing, Chinese Ch’ing Dynasty Robes

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
The Grand Elegance of Venice: The Costumes of Mariano Fortuny
Dressed to Celebrate: Evening Wear in the Twentieth Century.

Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto
Celebrating Virtue: Prestige Costume and Fabrics of Late Imperial China

Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto

Watched by Heaven, Tied to Earth: Summoning Animal Protection for Chinese Children
Shoes in Fashion from 200 to 2000
Paduka: Traditional Indian Feet and Footwear
Kamiks Inuit Boots: A Woman’s Art
Stepping Out in Style: Survey of Western Fashionable Footwear
In the Steps of Our Ancestors

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Toronto
Let’s Play Ball, Baseball at the ROM
Costume and textiles galleries for the Daniel Libeskind designed wing
(the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal)